Now, am I a die-hard Trekkie who can answer any trivia question? No, but what are you, a gatekeeper? I don’t need to pass a quiz to declare my love for the Star Trek Universe.

My most recent loves include Discovery, Strange New Worlds, and Picard. I love the direction Picard has taken this season and feel like it’s the direction it should have gone in from the get-go.


I know everyone has their preferences, but for me, The Next Generation was the best! I am so happy to see all the old gang together again. I love a strong female character and Marina Sertis was my favorite actress, followed closely by Gates McFadden. To know that Beverly and Jean-Luc had a son, who is played by the handsome Ed Speleers—whom you may know from one of my other favorite shows, Outlander—has been a fan dream realized.

Others I am thrilled to see are Riker, Geordi, and Worf. I love them each for their own reasons. Geordi because he was also on Reading Rainbow which just blew my little kid mind when I first started watching the show. Worf because he was an awesome fighter and delivered lines with such great dryness. And Riker because he was the charismatic leader. Who didn’t like Riker? He was the Imzadi to my favorite Betazoid.

All this lovefesting to say, I am enjoying watching this show now. Season 2 was a little slow for me, and although this season has been as well, really dragging out the Changeling storyline, I’m just so happy to see the cast, I’m not sure I care. I feel like it took forever for them to get away from Vadic and was that really necessary? But the interplay between TNG characters was rewarding, as was seeing them interact with Rafi and Seven, another of my favorites. Picard started strong in season one but season two was not as engrossing. So I had rather low and guarded expectations for season three. It’s not been a knock-it-out-of-the-park sort of season, but entertaining and full of nostalgia. I’m happy to watch it while waiting for the return of Strange New Worlds and Discovery.

All that to say: if you’re a Star Trek fan, maybe you should watch the third and final season of Picard. If you liked TNG, you might find it entertaining.