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What I Do Best


My experiences mean I am well-suited to mentoring artists and writers in the world of business, which many creatives think they just. Can’t. Do.

I’m here to prove you wrong…

Helping Creatives Boost Business!

I will help you build sales by teaching you marketing tips, business tricks and self-confidence boosters you can use to maintain your creative business going forward. Yes, really.

One talk and I already have ideas to put into action! Thank you!

Marta Pelrine-Bacon


Social Media

I have been using Facebook and Twitter since their inception. I can give you tips on how to use social media as a business to increase your networking power and reach.

Graphics, Branding & Photography

I can design for you, or teach you how to use the beautiful logo you might already have! Need a flyer template? Want to improve your social media graphics or need to know how to take photos of products? I can coach you through all of this!

Pricing Made Easy

Struggling with pricing? Have friends, family and even customers said that you aren’t charging enough? Let’s talk about a formula that will work for you every time.


Feeling uncertain about selling your items and services? Do you find yourself downplaying your products to customers?  I’ll give you scripts and tips for building your confidence!


How I Work

Getting to Know You

The questionnaire will ask for both basic info and then some more in-depth, open-ended questions. I’ll want to know about your creative business, where it is currently and what you’d like your business to become. This information will be discussed during our first meeting, where we will buckle down on getting you all sorted.

Evaluate Your Situation

With the information from your questionnaire, I’ll go over your entire online presence: website, all social media and generally how you are interacting and presenting yourself to world. I’ll come to the next meeting (or two!) full of questions and suggestions. I’ll give you concrete actions you can take to improve your presence, reputation and sales.

Taking off the Training Wheels!

This last part of the process is getting you to a point where *your* process is streamlined and manageable for you. If you have other products and services you know you want to add, we will get a plan in place for that as well.


Lara was my business assistant for two years. She helped me convert my formal dining and living rooms into a small shop and a meeting place for my unit. The Open House she set up for me was my most successful to date at that time. I credit her for helping me to expand my business in many ways. She paved the way for me to be successful year after year!

Theresa LaCesa

Independent Sales Director, Mary Kay Cosmetics

All my interactions with Lara were incredibly positive and helpful! She was enthusiastic about my work and not afraid to offer suggestions for fresh/new merchandise. She was always intent on increasing the visibility of my hand crafted items.

Ann Gruner


Lara handled the installation of my art show at the Public Library of Glen Rock.  She was friendly and easy to deal with and I was impressed with her ability to assess the quality of my paper cuts and quickly group them into a pleasing display.  She was very helpful and efficient throughout the process.

Gail Stan

Paper Cutter,


Pricing Models For Every Need

I know that creatives, by nature of the work, may not be flush with cash. If you can afford it, do the whole package over 6 weeks and be off and running. I am willing to do payment plans, with a contract and a down payment, for the big package as well. But if you can’t afford that, start with what you feel you need the most help with and book an hour with me to just go over that. And then return as you need to, to get more advice and help, whether that’s the next day, the next week or three months from now!

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