About Me

Hello! I’m Lara.

Writer. Editor. Designer. Teacher. Artist. Entrepreneur.


I have been a freelance writer, blogger and ghost blogger for about 13 years.

I have learned about and used SEO keyword tactics for four years now. I was a ghost blogger for Ray Access for two plus years as well. I have content writing clips across many industries from that experience.

Writing and storytelling have always been a passion of mine. I have made an effort to sign up for workshops and conferences to learn more about fiction writing, but these skills also lend themselves to telling the story of any company or non-profit with skill and imagination.

I have been in charge of a variety of newsletters at this point, one a monthly 24-34 page newsletter.

I completed layout, wrote articles, edited the articles of contributors, created graphics and made the entirety of the newsletter print ready.

I have created newsletters for a church, a library and a municipality.

I have also learned a great deal about content marketing and using the same content in different ways across social media.

Finally, I was a volunteer associate editor for the digital literary magazine Non-Binary Review put out by Zoetic Press, which is currently on hiatus. I also designed two of their last covers.

I have worked with children since I was 12 years old.

My very first entrepreneurial venture was as a babysitter in my neighborhood. I designed my own flyer at 15 and posted them around the neighborhood, securing two families I worked for very regularly for over two years while in high school.

I have worked as a group leader in a childcare, as a babysitter, and a camp counselor by the time I was twenty.

As I was studying for my education degree, I worked at an educational resource store for teachers, parents and students as a sales associate, then a manager at one location and finally as the Buyer for all three locations. I was also trained in display work to include front window displays and changing out very large bulletin boards around the store with the change of the seasons and holidays.

I have also worked as a private tutor and as a nanny in the summers.

After graduation, I continued to work for the store, leaving when I became pregnant with my first child at 26 years old.

Then I went on to be a substitute teacher and a Sunday School teacher while pregnant and through until I had my third child.

This background meant I was a great candidate for working in the children’s section and with children’s programs at the local library. I was employed there for three and a half years working at the circulation desk, as the marketing associate and as the Co-Coordinator for Youth Services.


I started a small graphic design and branding business with my younger sister back in 2011 called Siostra Marketing & Artistry. I recently decided it was time to close the doors on that, as I wanted to move on to a different type of design work and business model. It was time for something new.

Enter: Bright Crescent Studios. This will allow me the space to create what I want, when I want. The shop will first be stocked with some already-designed, print-them-at-home digital items for planner fiends, like me. Eventually I will offered printed and cut stickers that will be mailed out. This is a project I will be working on as time allows, in my free time, not as anything urgent or on a timeline. Check back, you’ll never know when new things will show up. Subscribing to my website will include notifications when new items are added to Bright Crescent Studio’s shop.

Lara Taylor was one of the first freelance writers we hired in 2015 at Ray Access (rayaccess.com). We relied on her for top-quality blog posts and website pages in the years since. She rarely missed a deadline and always treated us with professional courtesy. Her writing for us and her communication to us have always been top-notch. We would recommend Lara for almost any kind of writing you need, as she’s demonstrated the ability to switch gears from project to project while writing about nearly everything from the medical and financial fields to plumbing and even addiction recovery. That’s versatility.  {2017}

Mark Bloom

Editor/Owner, Ray Access

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