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Hello! I’m Lara.

Writer. Editor. Designer. Teacher. Artist. Entrepreneur.



I have had a personal blog post, “How ‘The Little Engine that Could’ Perpetuates Gender Stereotypes” catch the attention of an NPR writer. She attempted to contact me and Facebook’s brand new (at the time) sorting action for messages caused us to miss each other. I could have been interviewed for the podcast All Things Considered. Their article was entitled “In ‘Little Engine That Could,’ Some See An Early Feminist Hero.


While this website is now defunct, I wrote for them several years ago, gaining experience working in a fast-paced virtual newsroom. Every day I selected from a list of topics sent out to me via email and worked with an editor. I also was able to interview people, which was pretty exciting. Here are just some of the titles of articles that I wrote for Technorati:

Too Few Women Could Lead to Big Trouble in China

Gender Gap in Asia, Part 2: China’s Delusions

Still a Pay Gap Between Men and Women

Dark Horse Unveils Digital Comics

Comixology Powerhouse Behind Digital Comics

Galliano’s Anti-Semitic Issues Get Him Dismissed from Dior


Today’s Mama–York, PA the Parenting Column:

I was a stay-at-home mom at the time and this was my first foray into branching out and writing for others. Some articles I wrote for Today’s Mama–York included:

Getting Kids to Bed the Quick and Painless Way

Comics to the Rescue! Downloadable Comics4Kids

Parenting 101: 10 Basics for Parents, New or Otherwise!


This writing work was hardly work when I got free books in exchange! This was another platform that allowed me to write and gain experience working with an editor.

Here is the link for my (ancient) profile page! See all 15 reviews I did for FreshFiction before my personal life made it impossible to continue.

Ray Access:

I was most recently a ghost blog writer for Ray Access where I wrote about all manner of things, from medical articles to a fitness newsletter article with a recipe to articles on real estate. Due to the nature of being a ghostwriter, I do not have bylines I can link to, however, you can view a number of my unedited articles in my writing portfolio.


My 500 word flash fiction entitled “Glenna” was published in March 2024.


I’m friends with 2 of my ex-husband’s other exes. They’re like an extension of my family.

Published December 2023. 

I met my boyfriend on a LinkedIn group. We were long-distance for 11 years and just bought a house together.

Published November 2023. 


I am a Writer’s Support Scholarship winner and graduate of The Brainery: Online Speculative Fiction Writing + Resources, where I took a course in Short Fiction, workshop-style over a 12-week period.

I am a scholarship winner and attendee of the Writer Unboxed’s Un-Conference, 2016 for writing fiction. There I listened to the likes of Donald Maass, Barbara O’Neal, Juliet Marillier, and Lisa Cron give wonderful talks and inspiring instruction. This conference was over four days.


I am aWrittenInMyOwnHeartsBlood_FanBadgeRound Binder. (I could tell you what that means, but then I’d have to kill ya.)

I am a Diana Gabaldon Fan Ambassador.

I was a book reviewer for several years and received books from St. Martin’s Press, Harper Collins, and Random House.   I worked with a small PR firm called PR by the Book to review all sorts of indie books.



An Associate’s degree from Methodist University {formerly Methodist College} in General Studies. Honors Seminar student, where we focused on exploring Greek and Roman writings.

A dual Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and Liberal Studies from Notre Dame of MD University {formerly College of Notre Dame of MD}. Graduated magna cum laude. Inducted into two honors societies.

Forty additional credits in an accelerated program through the Art Institute of Pittsburgh–Online Division towards a degree in Graphic Design.


I have worked with children in all capacities {pick one: babysitter, camp counselor, nanny, private tutor, child care group leader, Sunday School teacher, student teacher, substitute teacher, etc.} in addition to having my ed degree, so I have fairly strong opinions about raising children, as a result.  I’d apologize, but I’m not really sorry.

Besides caring for children, I have been an active graphic designer for over 20 years. My design work is under Bright Crescent Studios. As a designer, I have worked as a freelancer and a jane of all trades while working for others. I can now say I have website design and building experience, using WordPress mostly but I do have experience with Blogger and Weebly as well. I’ve also dabbled in some Drupal. I am tech-savvy, so picking up new dashboards is really no problem.

Other work falls under the headings of library or administrative assistant. Often, library work, education, and design work have all converged, which is heaven for me! Other “trades” I have experience in include marketing, social media coordination, event coordination, art coordination, subcommittee head, retail and direct sales experience, brand coordination, and print designer.


What do I do when I’m not taking care of my kids, working, designing, or writing?

I love pop culture.  I have worked in a comic book store, I love the comic book world and all things geeky and nerdy. I have adored working in libraries!

I am a traditionally trained artist as well as self-taught in many other aspects of creating works. I have started a shadowbox series which is super slow going due to not having a real space to work in my tiny townhouse, but I have loads of ideas for various shadowbox collections, which I plan on carrying out once I have a dedicated creative space.

I am also a nurturer and a nester that loves cooking, straightening up my abode (honestly? I’m a neat freak), snuggling down with blankets and books, movies, and popcorn. I garden, walk, and try to do yoga. I just learned how to knit, which I adore, and I’m eyeing up crocheting. Somehow, I am an 18th-century woman trapped in a feminist’s body. I can’t figure it out. You shouldn’t hurt your brain trying to either.


If you’ve read this far, bless your little heart!

For a more comprehensive list of skills and experiences, please track me down on LinkedIn.

I look forward to making brilliant new connections and doing great work with amazing people!

Lara Taylor was one of the first freelance writers we hired in 2015 at Ray Access (rayaccess.com). We relied on her for top-quality blog posts and website pages in the years since. She rarely missed a deadline and always treated us with professional courtesy. Her writing for us and her communication to us have always been top-notch. We would recommend Lara for almost any kind of writing you need, as she’s demonstrated the ability to switch gears from project to project while writing about nearly everything from the medical and financial fields to plumbing and even addiction recovery. That’s versatility.  {2017}

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Editor/Owner, Ray Access

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